Who we are

We are the Fire&Ice Bumblebees: two cousins and the son of one of the two – a true hero who’s bogged himself in an epic adventure with his mother and pseudoauntie 20 years his senior! Between the three of us, over our combined lifespans, we have covered very little ground running – in our case, BUMBLING –  making this a truly impossible challenge.

Corso: Sabina’s son, mathemagician in that he does mathematical magic, ski mountaineer and sailor, with a huge nail in his tibia!

Bee (Betulla): marine biologist, divided between Italy and Australia, who has only recently started bumbling (hhmmm running) along tarmac roads covering variable amounts of ground – and never more than 21 km

 Sabina: mother of Corso with the gruelling task of managing and selling an electrical power station. It wasn’t long ago that she’d never run a step and now she can bumble uninterrupted for a whole hour!

Our folly is overseen by a veteran of “I’m-possible challenges”, Riccardo Marini (http://www.thetotaltraining.com)

What our plan is

We would like to run the Fire & Ice Ultra 2017 (http://www.fireandiceultra.com/): an unsupported six-day 250 km ultramarathon across the centre of Iceland at the 28 August – 3 September 2017.


To raise funds for cancer-struck kids who will have the opportunity to spend some happy times at DynamoCamp (http://www.dynamocamp.org/en/).


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